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Who we are:

We are a Virginia based business creating unique, thought provoking designs servicing people everywhere. From birthday invitations to corporate branding, Daina's Place is a capable and multifaceted business. We offer ease of mind, attention to the tiniest detail, and trust in our guarantee. Producing high quality print designs and imagery, Daina's Place has you covered.
We have been in registered service for 7+ years now, and only growing better with age. Print Designs, Social Media Management, Web Design, and Photography are the major categories of services we provide. We provide conversation. We provide learning experiences. We provide business knowledge. We are so much more than a design service! Try us today!    

What we can do for you:

Here at Daina's Place, we LOVE what we do! Let us take over the "stress" and "complications" design, advertising, and marketing can be! We Love stressful and complicated! Remember your first consultation is always free! Not sure if we can assist you, please just ask!  Need more consulting, no problem!

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What we do:

We are a business of service. We are freelance graphic designers. We offer graphic design services, photography services, social media, advertising, and web design services. We love offering a piece of mind knowing that we pay close attention to every tiny little detail. It all matters! From the fonts chosen on a business card, to the graphics used on a huge store front sign, it ALL matters. We even dedicate our time and patience to the content needs of advertising. What is being said is just as important as how a design looks. In some cases, content is MORE important. Building our clients their best online presences is  a mission here at Daina's Place! It is vital to a business's marketing strategy & BRAND. After all, Advertising and Marketing are direct representations when physical presences are not possible. Our creative covers will take care of all first impressions!

Matthew 6:33

"Good art inspires; Good design motivates."
-Otl Aicher