Daina's Place provides a wide variety of services at affordable prices. Our services below, but not limited to, provide our potential customers with a "One-Stop Shop" experience. We offer creation, integration, and application information to our business customers using our background in Foundations of Business. We are more than just a design service! We help and offer advice in applying and marketing your amazing designs. 
REMEMBER: Whatever your design need, Daina's Place has you covered!! Listed are common services requested. Not sure if we can design what you need, just ASK! Contact us today to begin your services with us.
  1. Graphic Design
    Daina's Place provides a wide variety of graphic design services for an affordable price. We can create graphic designs for business or personal needs. Birthday parties to Corporate branding, Daina's Place has you covered!
  2. Building Brands
    Daina's Place can help you create a great logo, develop/design thought provoking stationery, decals, store front banners, trade show banners, etc. We build visually appealing websites with purpose, and design unique cohesive marketing materials. Let's get started!
  3. Web Design and Management
    Web Design, the biggest, most lucrative impact that any brand can make! Whether you need help creating a brand new custom website or management services for a current one, we are here to help!
  4. Social Media Designs
    Daina's Place would love to create visually impactful posts and/or headers for any Social Media platform. Designs that lead to all aspects of you, your brand. Need help with managing it all too? We are here to help!
  5. CD and DVD cover Inserts/booklets
    Reflect your identity! Have new music releasing, a spoken word to distribute, or a video in production, let us help create unique, custom covers to match your creativeness.
  6. Printing Services
    Do you need more than just a design? Daina's Place can assist you in your printing needs as well! We offer competitive rates, choosing the best printing partners that will give you the best presentation for your amazing designs.
  7. Electronic Press Kits
    Electronic Press Kits, also know as EPKs are elaborate online business cards/resumes for the up and coming artist, musician, business, etc. Need help standing out?
  8. Photography
    Family portraits, company photos, commercial needs, or candid shots, we would love to capture every moment for you. 
  9. Consultation Services
    Daina's Place would love to assist you! Do you need a Web Design or Social Media page consultation? Would you like help planning a strategy for your next networking event or meeting? Do you need help or training to start and/or manage your own Social Media sites?
  10. Free Quotes
    How much does it all cost? Want to discuss your quote questions over the phone? No Problem! All service related phone calls are always free. Business Consultation calls must be set by appointment.
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We are more than just a design service!
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