More Than A Design Service!

Passion, creativity, cohesiveness, and application is some of what Daina's Place provides.

"Good art inspires; Good design motivates."

-Otl Aicher


My name is Daina, pronounced like Day-na or Dana. I am an entrepreneur and a freelance graphic designer who loves to design. Anything from cake/cupcakes, homes, events, to where I shine the most, Graphic Design. I love simplicity (less is more), and I also love organized chaos. Design is LIFE. Since design became such a huge part of my life at an early age, I knew I needed to learn how to manage it all. Small Business Management became my major and the two became one.


My business, Daina's Place, is a Maryland-based business creating unique, thought-provoking designs servicing people everywhere.

From birthday invitations to corporate branding, Daina's Place is a capable and multifaceted business. I strive to offer ease of mind, pay attention to the tiniest detail, wanting trust in the DP guarantee. Producing high-quality print designs and imagery, Daina's Place has you covered.


I have been in registered service for 8+ years now, and only grow better with age. Print Designs, Social Media Management, Web Design, and Photography are the major categories of services I provide. I provide conversation. I provide learning experiences. I provide business knowledge. Daina's Place is so much more than a design service! Try DP today!


Here at Daina's Place, I LOVE what I do! Let me take over the "stress" and "complications" design, advertising, and marketing can be! I Love stressful and complicated (organized chaos, remember)! Remember your design consultations are always free! Not sure if I can assist you, please just ask!  Need more consulting, no problem!​


Daina's Place, my place, is a business of service. I am business minded. I love offering a piece of mind knowing that I pay close attention to every tiny little detail. It all matters! From the fonts chosen on a business card to the graphics used on a huge storefront sign, it ALL matters. I even dedicate my time and patience to the content needs of advertising. What is being said is just as important as how a design looks. In some cases, content is MORE important. Building my clients their best online presences is a mission here at Daina's Place! It is vital to a business's marketing strategy & BRAND. After all, Advertising and Marketing are direct representations when physical presences are not possible, creative covers that will take care of all first impressions!