Building Brands

How do you feel about your current designs and brand?

If you are unhappy or looking for ways to enhance, let's set up a consult today.

Reflecting your identity.

What is the first idea that comes to mind when you see your favorite logo or store? How many times have you seen tiny details in the weirdest places that just reminds you of your favorite store or company?  Whether those tiny details you see remind you of bad customer service, great burgers, or relaxation, this is what brand building is all about. How you identify with a business, client, or customer and how they identify with you, is your brand! Branding is one of the most important aspects of YOU.


Here are some ways Daina's Place can help you perfect your brand:

  • Create a great logo.

  • Develop/Design thought-provoking stationery, decals, storefront banners, trade show banners, etc.

  • Build visually appealing websites with a purpose. 

  • Design unique cohesive marketing materials.

  • Unique cohesive social media designs.

  • Marketing with Purpose, Creativity, and Love.

  • Business "Know-How".

  • Help set you apart from other businesses reflecting your core values and style.

  • Advice on copyrighting and trademarking guidelines.